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In the eastern sector of the municipality Odèn there is the village of Canalda, formed by a small group of houses and a few scattered houses clinging to the foot of landings Puig Sobirà. Canalda stream and tributaries drain a crowd of steep land and are heading to the Ribera Salada.

The village of Canalda is a small group of houses inhabited. On the cliffs of Puig Sobirà because there are numerous caves that were inhabited for centuries and some, such as the so-called cova dels Moros, still preserved medieval walls. Also worth mentioning is the Prats de Becies to form a sloping plain to 2000 meters.

The church, originally Romanic is dedicated to Sant Julià and has been modified in subsequent periods. Notably wide belfry and the entrance, an old door ferrata and arch.

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