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The municipality of Odèn

ODÈN is a typical rural village in the north of the Solsonès. It has a land area of 114.40 square kilometers (33.97 square kilometers PEIN and 45 square kilometers of communal) and a population of 271 inhabitants.

It is a term essentially mountainous, at the foot of the massif of Port del Comte, and has an altitude between 1000 and 2343 meters.

It consists of nine organizations of population: Canalda, el Montnou, Odèn, el Racó, Cambrils, Llinars, la Valldan, la Móra Comtal and el Sàlzer, where the houses scattered along extensions of forests, rugged landscapes of mountains, rivers, springs and fields -basically of "trumfo" (potato) variety Bufet- a landscape in pure form.

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