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ODÈN, nature and wildlife


The geographical location of these valleys, between the Pyrenees and the Central Depression, associated with structural relief and the altitudinal range exists, means that there is a high diversity and large number of vertebrate species. Crop species are present and plains, aquatic environments, forests and mountains. It has three species of fish, 8 amphibians, 12 species of reptiles, 35 mammals, 148 species of birds can be observed in these mountains, of which 113 are nesting birds.

Roca de Canalda, thanks to the privileged position it occupies, as we can see there are walking and vultures nest eagles, kestrels and ravens and, hopefully, be able to enjoy your flight.


The municipality of Odèn is essentially mountainous, at an average altitude of about 1100 meters, at the foot of the mountains of Oden and Port del Comte, where farmhouses scattered along extensions of forest, rugged high places mountains, rivers, springs and fields form a pure landscape.
Enjoy multiple trips throughout the term of varying degrees of difficulty or follow part of the GR-1 or Route of the Cathars.

Signposted routes
_Serra-seca i Pla de les Guàrdies | Download PDF
_El tossal de Cambrils | Download PDF
_Camí dels Bons Homes | Link
_GR1 | Link

Companies guides on foot or by bike
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