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White gold of Cambrils


Thanks to the springs of salt water sources in the area of Cambrils (Solsonès), since the average age was well appreciated this white gold obtained by evaporating salt water.

The Saline Cambrils documentary is an old farm dated 1780, located on a steep site. The system of obtaining salt was handmade. The salt water was stored in large ponds and reservoirs from these eras was transported to evaporation or terraces with a system of wooden channels, ditches and gutters. Inside the farm you can see there 5 mills; Are two of salt, a meal, a feed and a peeler. All these mills worked through the promotion of fresh water, which, because it had enough power to operate the blades of windmills, stored in a pond and when they wanted to go to the mill and opened the tap water returned to the river.

1963 was the last year that removed salt from the Saline operation of the arena.
Currently fulfills this restaurant and guided tours from Nature Centre to promote this spectacular place.


More information www.salidecambrils.cat


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